Biggest Airways in The World

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Biggest Airways – Since 2020, one cannot talk about the airline industry without considering the impact of the pandemic, which has not only devastated the industry in the last two years but also changed its trajectory into the future. Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the world was more connected than ever, and the most significant airways played a huge role, with more routes than ever before, making it easy for people to travel where they wanted at an affordable price.

However, once the pandemic hit, most countries worldwide went into lockdown, with domestic and international travel initially suspended before the suspension of the former lifts after a few months. For several months at a time, several times a year, people were confined to their homes, and air travel in an enclosed space with more than a hundred people was almost unfathomable. The devastation this causes to the airline industry cannot. Industry revenue in 2020 accounted for approximately 40% of total revenue in 2019.

While the pandemic appears to have primarily diminished, at least in most countries where pandemic restrictions have remains lifts, the impact of the past two years changed the industry forever in multiple ways. For example, the airline industry, and the world’s most significant biggest airways in 2022 in particular, have increased health and safety standards to ensure passenger comfort, while digitization has also increased enormously.

The 7 Best Biggest Airways in The World

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South West Airlines

The first position in the ranking occupy it by Southwest, the largest low-cost airline in the world: it had a capacity of 168,852,981 seats in 2021. The company was founded in 1967 in Texas as an intrastate airline whose plan was to undercut competitors’ prices and avoid federal price controls and market regulations. After successfully winning the ensuing lawsuits, Southwest resumed operations in 1971.

Today, Southwest has 3,000 daily peak season departures to 121 destinations in the United States (including Hawaii in March 2019) and ten other countries.

Southwest is the largest Boeing 737 operator in the world: 771, each performing an average of 6 flights per day.

US Airlines

With its 151,146,489 seats, another American giant ranks second among the top 10 airlines in number of seats offered. However, American Airlines is the world’s largest airline by fleet size (933 aircraft).

American is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and shape in 2013 from the merger of AMR Corporation and US Group, now American Airlines Group. The original American Airlines included in the 1930s and was a conglomerate of 82 smaller airlines.

America offers more than 6,700 daily flights, one every 13 seconds, carrying passengers to 350 destinations in 56 countries around the world. About two-thirds of its fleet consists of Airbus A320s and Boeing 737-800s, and the company plans to add 159 new aircraft.

Delta Airlines

Delta is the 3rd largest airline in the world by seat capacity, 143,180,744 seats, and has the second largest fleet: 910 aircraft. Also, the oldest US airline still in operation. The original company, Delta Air Lines, began as a crop spraying operation in Georgia in 1924. In 1929 it became Delta Air Service and made its first passenger flight between Texas and Mississippi.

The company is headquartered in Atlanta and operates more than 4,000 daily flights from its eight hubs. It serves 275 destinations in 52 countries on six continents.

South China Airlines

The first Asian highest 10 biggest airways, Guangzhou-based China Southern ranked fourth with its 123,472,958 seats. It is a relatively young company: it was establish in 1988 after the PRC government decided to decentralize the CAAC airline monopoly establish in 1949. The so-called “big three” were creates in the process: China Southern (planned to serve Asia), China Eastern (to operate in East Asia) and the flag carrier, Air China.

Little by little, Southern became the largest airline in Asia in terms of fleet size (611, including cargo aircraft), revenue and passengers carried. It operates extra than 2,000 flights a day and serves more than 200 destinations.

China East Airlines

It started with China Southern and Air China Airlines as the “Big Three” 30 years ago. Its original focus was to serve countries in East Asia, but today it carries passengers to 248 regional, domestic and international destinations in Asia, North America and Australia. China Eastern Airlines holds the record for the longest nonstop route: Shanghai to New York, which began service in 2007. This Shanghai-based Chinese airline ranks fifth in the world’s top ten with 115,625,762 seats.

China Air

The flag transporter of the People’s Republic of China ranks seventh among airlines with a capacity of 75,905,153 seats, and its head office locates at the Beijing Capital International Airport. Air China was establish in 1988 after the separation of the CAAC and was “responsible” for intercontinental flights.

Air China inherited CAAC’s Boeing 747, 767 and 707 for long-haul flights. Its current fleet consists of 490 aircraft serving more than 200 destinations. The Chinese airline also uses Beijing Daxing, Chengdu Shuangliu and Shanghai Pudong international airports as hubs. Air China has been a member of Star Alliance since 2007.


IndiGo, officially known as Inter Globe Aviation, was found in 2006 and has grown considerably since then. The low-cost Indian company occupies 8th place in the ranking with its 72,444,166 seats, but it is also the 4th Asian airline and the first Indian airline in terms of passengers carried and fleet size.

IndiGo operates more than 300 aircraft and 1,600 flights per day to 101 destinations (75 domestic and 26 international) as of November 2022. The Indian airline’s central hub is Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. The most impressive thing about IndiGo is that it was rank as the third most punctual airline in the world by the OAG Punctuality League.

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