Best Famous Foods in Vancouver – 2023

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Famous Foods in Vancouver is where to enjoy the best food while on vacation. Vancouver’s food ranks the city at the top of the list as the famous backstreet gastronomic hub of the United States and Canada. From hot and spicy to savory and sweet, Vancouver’s cuisine caters to all tastes and preferences, leaving guests wanting more. The restaurants in this culturally diverse city leave you wanting more than one bite. Vancouver, also known as a gourmet’s paradise, is a destination that offers delicious cuisine from Vietnamese to contemporary cuisine prepared by some of the country’s top chefs. Check out our list of must-eat foods on your trip to famous food in Vancouver, Canada!

The 8 Famous Foods in Vancouver

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For those looking for food that fills them up and delights in texture, mouthfeel, taste, and flavor, Vancouver is the paradise they’ve been waiting for. Check out some of the famous foods in Vancouver you should try if you live in Vancouver, Canada.

Dungeness Crab

Dungeness crab, another seafood favorite, is one of Vancouver’s most delicious and wholesome foods. Vancouver’s favorite crustacean, Dungeness crab, is the perfect lunch dish. Dungeness Crab can be found in various restaurants around the city and should be high on the list for travelers looking to sample some of the city’s best seafood—the crab roasts in butter, white wine, and flavorful spices like parsley for a mouth-watering dish.


Another famous treat of Vancouver cuisine is cake. Offering travelers the chance to find organic food in Vancouver, cakes are prepared in sweet and savory flavors, allowing travelers to experience the best of both worlds. Famous pies served in the city include apple pie, the much-loved steak pie, and kidney pie. When travelers visit Vancouver, they have a lot of options when it comes to cake to enjoy on vacation.

B.C. Roll

Japanese-style Vancouver dishes and British Columbia Rolls are sushi with local flavors. I asked a local for his top 5 favorites, and he probably could have been B.C. Roll will be part of many lists. The simplicity and elegance of this dish make it in top famous food in Vancouver. Cucumbers, smoked salmon, a sweet sauce baked with the skin on, and the crispy, juicy texture will tickle your tongue.

Cream Puffs

The cream puffs or the profiteroles are French desserts with a learned taste. Famous amongst extra than fifty percent of the locals, this Vancouver food is so tender and crispy at the same time that it just melts in your mouth. Also, filled with various flavored icings and creams, these puffs are so light and airy that it makes every gourmet in every corner of the world drool. Vancouver offers many flavors, including matcha, salted caramel, lychee-rose, and raspberry. And much more, so it becomes difficult not to try these treats.

 Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo Bars cater to every sweet tooth and undoubtedly produces one of the most popular sweet treats among locals. This Vancouver meal best serves with a good cup of coffee. This charming bar is a three-layer slab based on graham cracker coconut chocolate, with a creamy custard middle layer and a rich, decadent chocolate ganache at the end. Nanaimo bars are a must-try for the perfect combination of crunchy texture and soft bite.

Lamb Popsicles

The rum popsicles served at Vikram Vij’s restaurant are a must-try Indian dish in Vancouver. One of the chef’s many specialties, his rum popsicles are unlike anything you’ve tasted. Marinated in white wine, mustard, and Indian spices, the pink lamb is not just something you eat with your mouth; you can enjoy the appearance and scent and your eyes and nose. The smell of this dish will make you want to eat it even if you are not hungry.

Salmon Candy

Food in Vancouver is one of the top cuisines, thanks to the seafood in the city. Salmon candy is an irresistible dish for travelers and locals alike. “Salmon candy,” made by smoking salmon and pouring the famous maple syrup over it, has a salty, sweet, and smoky flavor at the same time, making it addictive. How maple syrup balances smoked salmon’s saltiness can turn a non-fish lover into one.

Japa Dog

Inspired by Japan, another world food capital, JapaDog is a hot dog with a great twist. Founded decades ago by an immigrant couple, Japadog is a favorite with locals and tourists alike. Pork, beef, turkey, or veggie hot dog drizzled with seaweed flakes, teriyaki sauce, wasabi, kimchi, and miso, offering a combination of sweet and tangy flavors, Jappadog is a Vancouver, Canada addiction. It is sure to become a street food spot.

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