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Famous food in Penang – we all know one reason why, and we all love it. It’s incredibly delicious food, and not to mention that every dish is very reasonably priced and you will surely be satisfied. We’ve compiled a list of must-haves for your Penang trip that the locals want to keep secret. If you don’t want to drive yourself, you should buy a car and get around.

The 10 Best Famous Food In Penang

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Char Kway Teow – Siam Road Char Kway Teow

As with all delicious food stores, you can expect long queues at the Siam Road Char Kway Teow stall. This plate of noodles is cooked the old-school way, over a wood-fired wok which means plenty of wok hei to go around. The noodles come with a generous serving of pork lard, juicy cockles, and fluffy and savory rice. Labeled as Penang’s Char Kway Teow King, this plate of goodness only costs RM6.50. Siam Road Char Kway Teow, Jalan Siam, George Town, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. Tue-Sun 3 pm to 7 pm, or till sold out | Closed on Mondays.

Assam Laksa – Air Itam Bisu Laksa

Can you say you’ve been to Penang without a cup of Assam Laksa? Penang’s pride is sour, spicy, hearty, and delicious, and one of his best soups can found at Air Itam His Bis. Laksa is only RM4.50 for a cup! The spicy sweetfish flavor, fresh vegetables, and plenty of mackerel will surely make you want to eat it.

Hokkien Prawn Noodles CY Choy Road Hokkien Mee

The next meal you should try in Penang is the hearty Hokkien Mee. CY Choy Road Hokkien Mee is one of the shops frequented by locals. The savory pork-based soup is sweet and fresh and priced at just RM4. You can also add additional ingredients, such as fish balls and pork.

Cendol – Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul

Nothing beats a bowl of ice-cold Chendol in the hot tropics of Penang. For the best chendol, head to the famous Chaozhou Chendol on Penang Road. Don’t worry about long queues; the queue moves quickly unless the person ahead of her orders 20 drinks.

Chilled coconut milk quenches your thirst, while green jelly and red kidney beans give the dessert the right flavor. The bottom of the bowl, so be sure to stir the bowl before eating.

Nasi Kandar – Natrah Nasi Kandar

Owned by Natra Nasi Kandal, this 60-year-old stand is a great place to find delicious food. For starters, Nasi Kandal is a dish of rice and various marinated meats and vegetables dipped in a curry sauce. Be sure to try the fish curry and minced meat. Note that the stalls are only open 3 hours a day or until the food runs out.

George Town / Penang Travel Tips

Taxis and car sharing – the most convenient way around Penang Island. Note: Uber no longer operates in Malaysia (and across Southeast Asia) as local competitor Grab acquired it. I have my opinion on Grab, but I recommend it for transportation as it makes traveling much easier. And it works just like Uber. An alternative to taxis is public buses called Rapid Penang. It’s pretty cheap, so we bought it to go on a gurney drive. However, the road is inconvenient, so a taxi is still recommend.

Google Maps works very well in Malaysia. So download the Penang map in advance and save the data on the fly. Like when traveling, it’s always nice to connect to the internet, so getting a local prepaid SIM card is a good idea.

Ais Kachang Famous Food in Penang

To overcome Penang’s humid climate. They need a refreshing dish like his kachang. A refreshing and thirst-quenching delicacy of the finest local desserts, blended with finely shaved ice, grass jelly, adzuki beans, and rose syrup. Best eaten with homemade durian ice cream or jelly, various street vendors and cafes have further developed and improved this dessert. The same thing has many variations, but first-time visitors to Penang are encourage to try the traditional dessert version.

Dim Sum

Penang is a great place to try various Chinese dishes, and dim sum is one of the common foods, although the ingredients vary. These delicious dumplings are usually stuffed with shrimp, pork, chicken, or vegetables, and many options exist.

Lok Lok Famous Food In Penang

Lok Lok Steamboat Dinner is one of the must-try street food in Penang. Also Lok Lok is a comfort food where you can choose your sauce and enjoy fresh skewered food added to the cauldron. It is a common food in Penang. Various skewer options include oysters, mushrooms, vegetables, shrimp, crab, fish/meatballs, and more. Once you’ve chosen your basic ingredients, the next step is to cook your food in a common pot of simmering broth and finally make a suitable sauce. You and. Street vendors will also recommend their favorite sauces. You are considering that Lok Lok offers different flavors depending on your taste.

 Masala Dosa

Visit Little India to enjoy a delicious South Indian masala dosa, traditionally served on top of a delicious banana leaf curry. This dish consists of a thin rice dough stuffed with a potato-based masala. Masala dosa is one of the most popular breakfast dishes he can enjoy visiting Little India in the morning. Watching the rice flour batter skillfully spread out on the hot iron plate is a feast for the eyes. Dosa side dishes include curries and spicy chutneys.

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