Famous Foods Lake Charles – 2023

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When we arrived at Famous Foods Lake Charles, it was self-service, with about three rows of people. Some order eat-in, some order take-out, and some even order food in bulk. Not only do they sell ready-to-eat meals, but they also sell Cajun beef, boudin, sausages, and other groceries. It’s been a learning experience, but we’re finally finding the right lines and order.

What Kind Of Famous Foods Lake Charles Known For?

Lake Charles is known for its fresh seafood, boudin, and local beer. When you visit Lake Charles, try many of Louisiana’s classics, such as fried shrimp po’boys, grits, and delicious Cajun fare. You can also travel along his trial of Boudin in Southwest Louisiana to find the perfect spot to sell your boudin.

What is the Southwest Louisiana Boudin Trail? The Southwest Louisiana Boudin Trail runs along the Interstate and includes stops at corner stores selling fresh and packaged boudin, butchers, and grocery stores.

What To Eat in Famous Foods Lake Charles?

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Lake Charles and other parts of Louisiana and the South offer unique foods that travelers should try at least once while in Lake Charles.


Boudin is a way of life here. Discovering the most delicious cuisines requires the entire Boudin Trail. Boudin is made with pork, liver, rice, onions, parsley, salt, red pepper, black pepper, and garlic powder. Locals like to eat boudin with their meals and snacks. The casing consists of clean pig intestines.


Lake Charles is about 30 miles (48 kilometers) from the Gulf of Mexico, so seafood should be plentiful in the town. From seared seafood to boiled crawfish and everything in between, there’s a seafood dish you shouldn’t miss when visiting Lake Charles.


Nobody likes a warm bowl of gumbo to warm you up on a brisk day. Gumbo is the favorite thing to eat in Louisana. Gumbo can be either a seafood gumbo or a chicken and sausage gumbo. And, Gumbo isn’t a soup but more like a stew because it is served over rice or potato salad.


A dish that surprised was the pistolette. In New Orleans, a pistolette is a small french bread baguette. But in Lake Charles and Lafayette, it is a fried bride roll that is typically stuffed with a dish like a crawfish etouffee.

There are so many different dishes that you need to try while visiting Lake Charles and Louisiana, but if you find the above dishes at any of the restaurants you are dining at, you are on your way to eating your way through Lake Charles.

Brunch and Breakfast Restaurants in Famous Foods Lake Charles, Louisiana

Did you know that Famous Foods Lake Charles is Louisiana’s playground? Given the solid reputation of the Louisiana playground, you know brunch and breakfast must be your favorite foods to energize you. Check out some of these restaurants to meet your breakfast goals.

Stellar Coffee

Stella Coffee in downtown Lake Charles is a great place to enjoy coffee and breakfast while admiring the murals. Voted the location with the best beignets in the Lake Charles area, Stella Coffee is the perfect place to enjoy coffee and beignets.

What to order: It’s creamy espresso topped with frothed milk, dark chocolate, cinnamon, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Stellar also serves the best breakfast sandwiches so you won’t be disappointed.

Barstool Sportsbook

The New Barstool Sportsbook is located at the L’Auberge Casino—the perfect place for good service and food. Sample your favorite game fare from our brunch menu on special game days. Barstools has a great atmosphere and plenty of places to watch games and bet at the tables. It is the perfect place to watch a Saints game while in town. What to order:

If you’re in town for a game day Sunday brunch, try Chicken and Waffles for brunch. If brunch isn’t your thing, Barstool Sportsbook has some of the best burgers. When in doubt, order the Dark Side of the Moon Ice Cream Chocolate Cake Dessert first.

Luna Bar & Grill

Luna Bar & Grill, in the heart of downtown, is the perfect place for a Sunday jazz brunch. With live entertainment and great food, Luna Bar and Grill is the perfect place to hang out after a morning of cycling. Luna Bar and Grill is a local favorite and has opened another location in Lafayette, Louisiana.

What to order: I love eating something sweet for breakfast more than anything, and that is ordering French toast. Other brunch favorites include fats dominoes, fried chicken, jumbo biscuits, and fresh boudin topped with cream sauce.

Biscuits and Jamz

A little off the beaten track, but a must for any gourmet is the biscuits and jams. Don’t let the parking lot put you off. Biscuits and Jamz are next to a convenience store, but as soon as you enter the restaurant, you feel like you’re standing in the kitchen waiting for your delicious homemade breakfast. Biscuits and Jams was my favorite breakfast place. I still dream about those grits and eat them regularly at home.

What to order: You must order the sloppy grits. This bowl of grits is complete with sauteed jalapenos, onions, cheese, bacon, sausage, and fried eggs. If you’re looking for fried catfish for breakfast, Catfish Breakfast is good. While you’re here, you should also try all the Jamz in your cookies.

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