The Best Beaches In Asia

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Best beaches in Asia – It is a candidate for the top spot. Also, from the islands of Indonesia to the shallow reefs of the Philippines. Also, the crowded beaches of Thailand and all in between, Asia takes some of the softest white sands and pristine clear blue oceans on earth.

Whether you are looking for a dreamy beach for a honeymoon or a beach to spend a few days calming on your latest backpacking escapade, one of these beaches in Asia will appeal to you. Many of these beautiful best beaches in Asia host activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, coral conservation, and swimming with whale sharks, so pack your bathing suit and sunglasses.

The 8 Best Beaches in Asia

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You may take heard of pink lakes found in Australia and Mexico. Pink Beach is similar, but it’s the sand that’s pink instead of the water.

It not only creates a fantastic photo opportunity but is also something you won’t find anywhere else. Shaded by palm trees and rolling hills, offering jaw-dropping views if you fancy a walk, the sand is as soft as you’d imagine, tinged pink by red microscopic organisms that wash up on the beach.


Easily the most famous island (and beach) in the Philippines, Boracay has 7 km of postcard-perfect white sand, and its chief beach is called “White Beach” for that very reason.

Boracay was temporarily closed by the government for six months to reinstate it to its former splendour, so now is the perfect time to see it again almost entirely untouched. And in the afternoon. Also, try this mobile tour with a local to learn about Boracay’s cultural gems.


El Nido is located in Palawan and consists of famous and lovely mineral karsts. Each of these little bases has its own best beaches in Asia and crystal clear waters to explore.

Some of them comprise Corong and Nacpan Beach, which are countless places to stay while you go on a boat trip around the islands.

Visiting Palawan’s beaches will make you feel as close to an empty island as you can get: rocky outcroppings, white desert sand, and reefs teeming with thousands of colourful fish. There is rarely decent WiFi here, so your attention will only be on enjoying these beaches.


Koh Phangan is the fifth main island in Thailand and one of the best known for a reason. In addition to the lush jungle and soft sand, there are over 20 different dive sites to select from, and it is the perfect place to learn if you are a beginner.

If you’re wondering where you heard about Koh Phangan, it became famous for its ‘Full Moon Parties’, which attract travellers from all over the world. There is no improved place in Asia to make friends, take fun and feel the sand under your toes than here.

Throughout the day, beach volleyball, jet skiing, and other water sports will quickly fill your schedule, or you can sit back and soak up the sun.


If you prefer your beaches to be truly Robinson Crusoe, the northernmost beach on Koh Rong is the place to be. Also detached from the central part of the island by a long boat ride and isolated from the nearest town by a steamy 30-minute hike through the jungle, there’s nothing to do here except relax.

WiFi is highly spotty, although hostels often turn it on for short hours a day. And they are making it a great place to meet new people.

You may not find adrenaline-pumping sports, but you will find great food, fun parties, and, most importantly, bioluminescent plankton (best seen later in the evening when the sky is clear).


Also known as Gili Lankanfushi, it is one of the many resort islands in the Maldives. Each one is spectacular and all on a budget, but for a special occasion, reservation an overwater bungalow here is a knowledge you won’t forget.

Nestled amid crystal clear, shallow waters, the Maldives are home-based to some of the finest beaches, sunsets, and vacation activities in the world.

And whether you want to dine on the beach. Also, it helps plant coral on the reefs or jump out of your room into the ocean.


There are three Gili islands: Air, Trawangan and Meno. Gili Air makes a list because it’s a bit further away than the others, so much lower, with a more relaxed beach hammock vibe. You won’t find many parties here, but you will find quiet beach bars, great snorkelling, and fresh food.

Like many places in Indonesia, the best way to get around is by bike, so grab your beach gear and head to the adjacent sandy beach for yoga, SUP (stand-up paddle) and cocktails. The Gili Islands take the perfect beaches to add to your Bali vacation.


A remote teardrop-shaped island just below India, Sri Lanka has no lack of beautiful beaches, but the finest is in Mirissa. Golden sand fringed with palm trees, surf shops, beach clubs and cafes, and it’s a backpacker’s dream.

Most people go there to learn how to surf, but the doings on offer are endless. If you are lucky, you whitethorn spot a few turtles among all the marine life in the waters.

Alternatively, you can enjoy a massage or Ayurvedic treatment at one of the beach lounges before enjoying fresh seafood for lunch.

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