The Best Beaches in Europe

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Best beaches in Europe -There’s a reason why so many of the world’s most visited countries are in Europe. Europe’s cultural capitals have long been on every traveller’s bucket list. Despite the variety of seaside options, from the rugged beauty of Iceland to the lively nightlife of the French Riviera and the laid-back resorts of Greece and Croatia, too many travelers overlook the charms of the side in favour of the interior pillars. Then when it comes to best beaches Europe vacations, coastal cities tend to take precedence over former strongholds in the Caribbean and South Pacific.

Here, we’ve collected a collection of the best beaches in Europe, suitable for travellers of all persuasions. All have stunning landscapes and sea views, but beyond that, these places are as rich and varied as Europe.

The 8 Best Beaches in Europe

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Navagio, Zakynthos Island, Greece

The principal point of this famous spot is the towering, weather-beaten hull of a freighter that ran aground in the early 1980s. The ship now sits in the centre of a crescent-shaped beach, a few yards from the tide line. The sand meets the brilliant blue of the Ionian Sea. The cliffs surrounding the beach mean the cove is only accessible by boat, but the abundance of outfitters in the area ensures a steady flow of tourists throughout the summer. Still, it’s worth seeing: the rusty shell that stands against the spectacular natural beauty of the island of Zakynthos is a striking sight that you take to see in person to appreciate it truly.

Cassis, France

Adventurers won’t want to miss this secluded spot on France’s southern coast: it’s only accessible by boat or a two-hour hike from the port of Cassis, and the effort it takes to get their render makes the result even more appealing. Massive, sheer cliffs surround this beach, and the visual contrast of the brilliant blue of the Mediterranean Sea against the white limestone makes the whole place seem like something out of a dream.

Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa, Italy

It’s one of the most fantastic beautiful beaches in the world. Still, its distant location, 100 miles southwest of Sicily on an island amongst Tunisia and Malta, tends to put off all but the most intrepid travellers. But for those making the trip, there’s a significant upside: the water is shallow enough to wade through the bay, and it’s calm and transparent, making it a paradise for bathers and snorkelers. Keep an eye out for sea turtlenecks – this is one of the few even nesting sites for the endangered Loggerhead.

Elafonissi Beach, Crete, Greece

Laid-back sunbathers and adrenaline will love Elafonissi for its variety of activities and spectacular scenery. The pink sand and mountainous backdrop will delight photographers, while active types can enjoy surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing. And once you’ve functioned up and hungry, head to one of the resident tavernas for a plate of the local speciality of crusty bread topped with a mixture of fresh tomatoes, mizithra cheese, oil of olive and herbs.

Migjorn Beach, Formentera, Spain

As well as the incredible scenery the beaches of Formentera are known for, you’ll find something for everyone on this long stretch of Spanish coastline. Rent a beach chair and sunshade for the day and enjoy beachside drink service, take in the views on a long walk, or join in a game of beach volleyball. And since the beach stretches for miles, even travellers looking for a secluded spot won’t have much to do.

Marinha Beach, Algarve, Portugal

Enclosed by golden limestone cliffs and affected rock creations, Praia da Marinha is one of the most picturesque spots in the Algarve. The protected beach is around an hour’s energy west of Faro airport and fair 10 minutes from the remarkable Benagil cave. Visitors can hike the cliff-top Seven Valleys Trail to view the beach from above or descend a long flight of staircases to reduce on the sandy shore. If you strategy to spend the day here, transport an umbrella, there are no beach clubs, but you will find a small cafeteria open during the summer.

Durdle Door Beach, Dorset, England

The UK is not a typical stopover for bathers, but the stunning scenery of this Dorset coastline makes it a must-see. In summer, swimming under the shadow of Durdle Door, a colossal rock arch that plunges into the sea, is a paranormal experience. And when the temperatures start to drop, a walk along the cliffs with the verdant hills of Dorset on one side and panoramic ocean views across the rocky Jurassic Coast on the other is somewhat you won’t forget, not anytime soon.

Zlatni Rat, Brac, Croatia

A steep triangle jutting into the sea, Zlatni Rat’s unique shape means an even sandier surface for bathers. The natural beauty here is abundant: turquoise sea, a strip of dark green forest, a fantastic white beach, and a paradise for active types as water sports abound. Take a windsurfing lesson, rent a paddleboard, or go snorkelling in the crystal clear waters. And with playgrounds, snack kiosks, and lifeguards on duty on the beach, this is the place to go if you’re looking for a Croatian family getaway.

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