Best Beaches In Italy

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Best Beaches in Italy – The news weighed in on sights, amenities, weather and more to determine the best beach spots Italy has to offer. Italy and its islands are home to hundreds of beautiful beaches, although they may not be the typical sandy beaches you are used to. Sure, globetrotters visit the “Spiaggia” (also called Italian beaches) to relax, but what sets the coasts apart from other destinations are the country’s captivating natural landscape, quaint seaside towns, and lifestyle to the slow rhythm of the dolce la dolce vita. Remember that the summer months are by far the best time to visit Italian beaches, so if you are travelling, you should expect crowds. Browse the destinations below for inspiration, and vote for your favourites.

The 9 Best Beaches In Italy

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Sardinia has some of the best beaches in Italy

Sardinia, the other largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, has miles of scenic coastline for a day of relaxation on quartz-coloured sand. Families should visit Spiaggia di Chia to relax in its calm turquoise waters and spot flamingos in the nearby lagoon. At the same time, photographers can hike to Cala Goloritze, which has clear, shallow waters in striking shades of blue. With a distinct culture (including its language), Sardinia also offers unique festivals, locally produced wine and must-try specialities.

Sicily Of The Best Beaches In Italy

Sicily, the main island in the Mediterranean Sea, attracts beachgoers looking for warm waters and a laid-back atmosphere, with the bonus of historical sites and exceptional cuisine.

Elba Island Of The Best Beaches In Italy

The Tuscan island of Elba is steeps in history, known for hosting Napoleon during his exile from France and ancient towns like Portoferraio that remain untouched by modernity. But beyond its charming towns lie irresistible sun-drenched beaches with crystal clear waters. Visit Cavoli (for partiers) or Biodola (for families), the island’s most popular options, known for their long stretches of white sand and shallow waters. Or go in search of hard-to-reach places like Chiessi or Sant’Andrea, both surrounded by granite cliffs.

Lake Combo In The Best Beaches In Italy

Celebrities have long flocked to Lake Como for its shores, framed by towering mountains and dotted with beaches where you can see and be seen. The mix of public and private beaches includes all types of terrain, from sand to pebbles to grass, and many are equips with lounge chairs and umbrellas to add to the luxury.

Ischia Of The Best Beaches In Italy

Located on the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is known for its hot springs, hot springs and beautiful beaches. More significant than its sister island Capri, you will find that Ischia offers a quieter environment and more easily accessible beaches. The famous beaches of Citara and Maronti are among the largest on the island and are both located near thermal parks. Citara offers soft sand and even finer sunsets, while Maronti provides unobstructed views.

Capri In The Best Beaches In Italy

Capri is characterize by small rocky beaches and coves that offer incredible views of the Mediterranean. There are a handful of public beaches with panoramic sea views, including the famous Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. However, you’ll find that most shorelines here have beach clubs that charge an entrance fee and offer lounge chairs, as well as bar and food service. Another great way to see Capri’s famous coves is to take a boat ride.

Cinque Terre On The Best Beaches In Italy

Persons looking for a little more action on their beach trip should consider Cinque Terre. Made up of five villages linked by cliff-side trails and trains, you can spend your days walking between picture-perfect villages before finding a place to hang out your towel. Each town has unique lodging options and a typical beach scene. Head to Monterosso if you’re looking for the classic sandy beaches lined with brightly coloured umbrellas. Or visit the rugged port of Manarola to beat the wind and jump from its rocky ledges.

Atrani, Campania

Driving down the Amalfi Coast towards Ravello, Atrani is one of the region’s best-kept secrets. A small fishing village (1,000 inhabitants), it is home to a little beach on the Tyrrhenian Sea with deckchairs set up in the shade of their perched houses. After the sun, enjoy a Spritz with the locals in Piazza Umberto I, the city’s main square, amid a shabby but charming outdoor setting.

Baratti, Tuscany

The region is known for its important cities, Florence and Siena, but its coastline is equally swoon-worthy. Baratti’s crystal clear water and remote location make it a destination spot. As it sits on the advantage of the Bolgheri region, you’ll discover incredible wines and unforgettable swimming spots. During the summer, nearby wineries like Petra organizes musical events.




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